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1Please Read Before Posting Empty Please Read Before Posting on Tue Dec 20, 2011 9:32 pm


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Co Owner of Forums
Hello Juggascape players, if you wish to submit a player report please use the following format to help you get started.

Player Name:

Rule Broken:

Evidence: (Preferably screenie)

Other Info:

*It is highly recommended that you use this format so you're thread/posts won't be ignored*

Now, once you have submitted your report, we will view whether or not that player has broken a rule.

Accepted- This means that the report was successful; the reported player will either be muted,banned, or ip banned; depending what rule they have broken.

Denied- This means that the report was unsuccessful; there was no sufficient evidence provided to prove that this player has broken a rule. The person who has submitted the report, will be banned from "submitting player reports" for 1 week.

*Make sure to send pm or post on wall to forum staff with thread link so we can make sure we see it.

Thank You,
Vibez - Admin Very Happy

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