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Item Prices

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1Item Prices Empty Item Prices on Tue Dec 20, 2011 10:49 pm


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*Here you can view the prices of items on Juggascape*


Abyssal Whip:20-30m
Armadyl Godsword:500m
Bandos Godsword:90-100m
Zamorak Godsword:70-80m
Saradomin Godsword:70-80m
Saradomin Sword:30-45m
Dragon Claws: 350-400m
Barrel Chest Anchor:100-110m
Korasi Sword:600-710m
Staff of Light:60-70m
Vesta Longsword:300-350m
Statius Warhammer:250-300m
Chaotic Maul:250-300m


Red PartyHat:150-170m
Purple PartyHat:130-145m
Yellow PartyHat:130-145m
Green PartyHat:150-160m
White PartyHat:190-210m
Blue PartyHat:180-190m
Red H'ween Mask:90-100m
Blue H'ween Mask:90-100m
Green H'ween Mask:95-110m
Santa Hat:80-90m
Bunny Ears:50-55m
Full santa Set:210-220m


Full Ahrims:30-40m
Full Dharoks:30-40m
Full Torags:25-30m
Full Karils:25-30m
Full Primal:550-600m
Dragon Boots:15-25m
Barrow Gloves:25-30m
Amulet of Fury:10-15m
Full Torva:800-900m
Full Void Range:50-75m
Full Void Meele:55-65m
Full Void Mage:60-70m
Arcane Spirit Shield:200-220m
Divine Spirit Shield:210-215m
Elysian Spirit Shield:220-230m
Spectral Spirit Shield: 220-230m
Fire Cape:60-70m
Dragon Fire Shield:60-70m
Full Torva:800-835m
Full Bandos:80-100m

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