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Updates 1/4/2012

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Today more updates were added.

-Darren was demoted from forums mod.
-Mod Ryan was promoted to mod.
-Added new ranks based on post count.
-Added crowns to the staff ranks.
-Removed some inactive accounts.
-Added username censoring for curse words.
-Improved permissions for the moderators of forums.
-New forums moderator is being looked for, user will be promoted based on forum knowledge and how active they are. Don't ask for staff, I'll see if you deserve it or not.

-Xy0 promoted to moderator.
-Zezima promoted and then demoted from moderator.
-Bank all was added.
-Drop rate fixed.

Future Updates for both:
-Dungeoneering fix for server.
-New home area.
-::Resetskills command.
-(Maybe) ::empty command (drops whole inventory.)
-(Maybe) ::players command (shows who is currently online.)
-Image of armor added to forums rank. Ex: Bronze armor for Newbies.
-Donator cape extra bonuses.
-Possible promotion of a new In-game moderator.
-Command ::xteletome added for moderators.

For now that's all. If you have suggestions post them here: http://juggascape.forums-free.info/f14-suggestions

~Owner Xy0

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