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Items not obtainable by members

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1Items not obtainable by members Empty Items not obtainable by members on Sun Jan 08, 2012 2:20 am


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Here I have a list of donor+ Items. Please respect the rules.

Staff Only
Gnome Scarf
H'ween Masks

Donor and Up
Bandos Hide
Ancient Hide
Armadyl Hide
Combat Robe
Saradomin Robes
Guthix Robes
Zamorak Robes
Zamorak Hide
Guthix Hide
Saradomin Hide
Enchanted Robes
Zamorak Crozier
Saradomin Crozier
Guthix Crozier
Amulet of Glory (T)
Amulet of Glory (T1)
Strength Amulet (T)
Magic Amulet (T)
Changed Dark Bow Color
Black (T)
Black (G)
Adament (T)
Adament (G)
Rune (T)
Rune (G)
Studded (T)
Studded (G)
Dragonhide (T)
Dragonhide (G)
Blue Robes (T)
Blue Robes (G)
Wizard Robes (T)
Wizard Robes (G)
Donator Cape
Death Cape
Basket of Eggs
Ornate Katana
Party Hats

Staff are subject to checking your bank and inventory when ever they want. We have the commands so don't try to sneak anything. If found with these items you will face some jail time. If you want donor items, simply donate $5. If it continues, your account is subject to being banned for an amount of time decided by the staff team.

~Owner Xy0

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