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In game rules

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1In game rules Empty In game rules on Tue Jan 17, 2012 10:40 am

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[color=indigo]Here is a list of In-Game rules. No using excuses, they are here, therefore you should have known them. In-Game it tells you to register for forums, don't even try excuses.

1. No scamming.

2. No staff disrespect.

3. No asking for staff.

4. You may not have donor + items if you do not fit that rank.

5. No luring.

6. No spamming yell or normal chat.

7. No autoing. If we suspect your autoing we will jail you.

8. No duping.

If found breaking one of those rules, you will be warned. If found again you will be jailed or muted. If found yet again, you will be banned for a time frame selected by the staff team or that staff member, depending how serious the crime.

In game rules V89ar

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